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For the Animals – Euro Tour 2024

The upcoming years carry immense importance for the billions of animals confined within Europe’s factory farms. With the European tour “For the Animals”, Project 1882 aims to shed light on the situation of these animals and raise awareness among both EU citizens and policymakers. 

Since 1882, Project 1882 has been working to make a difference for the animals that are the most exploited and suffer the worst. With “For the Animals”, we are taking the next step forward to elevate animal rights issues higher on the EU Commission’s agenda. 

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For the Animals

Right on time

Amid ongoing discussions within the EU about animal welfare and imminent decisions that will directly affect their treatment, Project 1882 is dedicated to raising awareness about the real conditions animals face. With “For the Animals”, we are journeying across the roads of Europe, allowing citizens to witness firsthand how animals are treated on factory farms and why the promised revised animal welfare legislation in the EU needs to be put in place as soon as possible.

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For the Animals

Mobile exhibition

With "For the Animals", Project 1882 wants to carry out advocacy work around Europe's big cities and create a bridge between the situation of animals, the public and the decision-makers. A unique feature of Project 1882's tour is our accompanying mobile exhibition, where we offer visitors informative, knowledge-building and engaging activities about animal rights and animal welfare.

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For the Animals

Creates a meeting place

The mobile event is a meeting place in large European cities, where both the public and elected officials have the opportunity to meet, share information and discuss current solutions to address the problems that exist.

For the Animals

Interactive activities

The mobile exhibition will offer interactive experiences and informational materials detailing the conditions of animals in factory farms. Visitors will also gain insight into the challenges facing animals and the opportunities for change. By taking the mobile exhibition directly to EU citizens, Project 1882 hopes to engage and educate the public, as well as influence decision-makers to prioritize animal rights and improve legislation. 

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For the Animals

We demand a new animal welfare legislation

Billions of animals suffer yearly in horrific animal factories across Europe, where they are subjected to systematic animal cruelty. Many of Europe's animals completely lack a law that protects them. In recent years, the deficient animal welfare has been noticed by the European Commission, but few proposals have been made for changes or improvements for the animals. Project 1882 sees great value in acting now, when time is running out for Europe's animals.

For the Animals

Tour stops

Below you can see which cities Project 1882 plans to visit during the summer and autumn of 2024. The list is continuously updated.


  • 6th–9th of June: Helsinki, Finland
  • 13th–14th of June: Tallinn, Estonia
  • 17th–18th of June: Riga, Latvia
  • 22nd–23rd of June: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 27th–28th of June: Warsaw, Poland


  • 3rd–5th of July: Berlin, Germany
  • 9th–10th of July: Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 13th–15th of July: Prague, Czech Republic
  • 19th–20th of July: Ljubljana, Slovenia 
  • 24th–26th of July: Budapest, Hungary


  • 27th–28th of August: Madrid, Spain


  • 2nd–3rd of September: Lisbon, Portugal
  • 7th–8th of September: Porto, Portugal
  • 14th–15th of September: Vegan Festival, Spain
  • 24th–25th of September: Bologna, Italy
  • 26th–27th of September: Torino, Italy


  • 11th–12th of October: Aarhus, Denmark
  • 18th–19th of October: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 22nd–23rd of October: Malmö, Sweden
  • 25th–26th of October: Gothenburg, Sweden


  • 1st–2nd of November, Stockholm, Sweden


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For the Animals

Location and time

Below are additional details and the opening hours for the upcoming tour stops.

Berlin, Germany

  • July 5th: Potsdamer Platz, 9 am–12 pm.

Bratislava, Slovakia

  • July 9th: Námestie SNP 10, 12 pm–8 pm.
  • July 10th: Námestie SNP 10, 12 pm–8 pm.

Prague, Czech Republic

  • July 13th: Letenské pláně, 12 pm–8 pm.
  • July 14th: Letenské pláně, 12 pm–8 pm.
  • July 15th: Letenské pláně, 12 pm–8 pm.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • July 19th: Gospodarsko razstavišče, 12 pm–8 pm.
  • July 20th: Gospodarsko razstavišče, 12 pm–8 pm.

Budapest, Hungary

  • July 24th: Kopaszi-gát, 11 am–7 pm.
  • July 25th: Kopaszi-gát, 11 am–7 pm.
  • July 26th: Kopaszi-gát, 11 am–7 pm.

Madrid, Spain

  • August 27th: Atocha, 12 pm–8 pm.
  • August 28th: Atocha, 12 pm–8 pm.

Lisbon, Portugal

  • September 2nd: 12 pm–8 pm. *
  • September 3rd: 12 pm–8 pm. *

Porto, Portugal

  • September 7th: 12 pm–8 pm. *
  • September 8th: 12 pm–8 pm. *

Barcelona, Spain

  • September 14th: Vegan Festival. *
  • September 15th: Vegan Festival. *

Bologna, Italy

  • Septeber 24th: Piazza VIII Agosto, 10 am–8 pm.
  • September 25th: Piazza VIII Agosto, 9 am–12 pm. 

Torino, Italy

  • September 26th: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 10 am–8 pm.
  • September 27th: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 10 am–8 pm.

Aarhus, Denmark

  • October 11th: 11 am–7 pm. 
  • October 12th: 11 am–7 pm. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • October 18th: 11 am–7 pm. 
  • October 19th: 11 am–7 pm. 

Malmö, Sweden

  • October 22nd: 11 am–7 pm. 
  • October 23rd: 11 am–7 pm. 

Gothenburg, Sweden

  • October 25th: 11 am–7 pm. 
  • October 26th: 11 am–7 pm. 

Stockholm, Sweden

  • November 1st: 11 am–7 pm. 
  • November 2nd: 11 am–7 pm. 

More details coming soon.


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