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Thanks to your support, we can continue our work for the animals. Your voice makes a difference for all the animals that suffer and are exploited in animal experiments, on fur farms and in factory farms. Our warmest thanks!

Your support makes a difference for all the animals who suffer and are exploited in animal experiments, on fur farms and in animal factories. Our warmest thanks!

Since 1882

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With effective campaigns and political advocacy, Project 1882 makes a difference globally for the animals that are the most exploited and suffer the worst. We have been a driving animal advocacy organization in Sweden and beyond since 1882, creating change for millions of animals.

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We provide information about animal welfare and bring citizens' opinions to those in power. We shape public opinion and influence legislation. We dismantle factory farming and advocate for the development of animal-free research methods. We inspire and enable consumers and companies to choose vegan options and make animal-friendly choices. With effective campaigns we engage the public, highlight animal welfare problems, present solutions and bring about concrete changes.

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Project 1882 is entirely dependent on donations from the public. All donations make a difference and help create concrete results for animals. If you want to support our work for the animals, you can do it here. Thanks!

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Project 1882 works globally to make a difference for the animals that are the most exploited and suffer the worst. Our clients are the chickens, hens, cows, pigs and other animals in need of our help - we are there to give them a voice and defend their rights. That is the core of our project since 1882.

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European Commission: Keep your promises to the animals

To the European Commission: It's time to improve European animal welfare. Billions of animals in Europe suffer each year. Nowhere in the world are there more animals, than on factory farms. They are treated as products, even though they are sentient individuals with their own interests and needs.

European Commission: Keep your promises to the animals

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Ethically, many argue that animals, as sentient beings capable of feeling pain and pleasure, deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. This involves ensuring they have decent living conditions, free from cruelty and abusive exploitation. Scientifically, numerous studies have shown that animals experience emotions and have complex physiological and psychological needs. Recognizing these aspects is essential for their well-being. Legally, several countries have adopted laws aimed at protecting animals. For instance, in France, the Rural and Maritime Fishing Code states that animals are sentient beings and must be protected from mistreatment.In summary, the idea of respecting animals' rights to a dignified life free from suffering is based on solid foundations and is gradually gaining recognition around the world.

- Bouaziz Samuel

Animalia need good life!

- Sari Heikkurinen

We need legal animal rights written down in every countries constitution and legislation in EU now !!!! Our future depends on how we treat animals, also wild animals that are disappearing fast!

- Ahma Näädänheimo

Animals deserve better!

- Sami Säynevirta

Free animals!

- Olli Arve

Keep it Promises for Animals!

- Matti Pajari


- Dan Cook

I sign because i feel for the animal behind the product, i see another way of living.

- Freddy Paulsson

To improve animal welfare

- Eliza Kasztelan-Rodriguez


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