Project 1882
Kycklingar med skador på en av Kronfågels anläggningar. Bilden är från ett annat tillfälle än det som återges i text.

Systematic animal cruelty inside Sweden's chicken factory farms

Project 1882 has compiled all reported violations of animal welfare regulations in the four largest chicken slaughterhouses in Sweden. The mapping shows that chickens all over the country continue to be subjected to systematic animal cruelty...

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Factory farms

Nowhere in the world are there more animals than on factory farms. They are treated as products, even though they are sentient individuals with their own interests and needs. Project 1882 is working to change this through public education, political advocacy and partnering with businesses. We work for a future without factory farms.

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Fur industry

In the fur industry, animals are bred and killed solely because people want to wear their furs. The animals are kept in small cages and their living conditions are very different from the life they are adapted to. It doesn't have to be that way. Project 1882 works to dismantle the fur industry and the fur trade.