Project 1882
28 March 2024

Meliá Hotels takes an important step towards a cage-free future

Meliá Hotels International has taken a significant step forward by prioritizing the welfare of hens living their lives locked up in cages. Through the dedicated efforts of Project 1882, the hotel chain has pledged to increase transparency by providing updates on its progress towards eliminating eggs from caged hens.

In 2020, Meliá Hotels International promised to phase out eggs from caged hens by 2025. Unfortunately, the hotel chain has not reported on the progress of this work. This resulted in a low ranking in the Global Travel Report, an annual report by Open Wing Alliance that examines whether companies uphold their commitments to eliminate eggs sourced from caged hens.

Against the backdrop of these past shortcomings, Meliá Hotels has now decided to expand its reporting on the transition to a cage-free operation. The company have agreed not only to report globally for their entire portfolio, but also to report regionally and on a country-level basis. Despite the hotel chain expressing a desire for a faster progress and after much push from Project 1882, they have insisted on extending their deadline for phasing out caged eggs to 2026.

– We are very pleased that Meliá Hotels International has decided to become more transparent in its reporting and know that it will make a big difference for tens of thousands of hens around the world. The hotel chain must now intensify its efforts to accelerate the phase-out, says Benny Andersson, CEO of Project 1882.

Project 1882’s persistent campaigning and corporate advocacy have played a significant role in influencing the Spanish hotel chain to mirror the decisions of Hilton Hotels and the Louvre Hotel Group. Project 1882 remains steadfast in our commitment to advocating for change and holding companies accountable, ensuring that no hens are forced to live their lives in cages.

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Nanna Thydén

Nanna Thydén

Press Coordinator