Project 1882

Stop octopus farms

Project 1882 has previously drawn attention to the fact that the world's first commercial octopus farm is about to open in Gran Canaria, Spain. Octopus farming raises octopuses in captivity for the commercial sale of their meat. This octopus factory would result in one million octopuses being killed for food each year. In addition, the breeding of different types of octopuses is planned in several other countries, including Mexico and Japan.


Ban octopus farming

From freedom to captivity

The terrifying fact that an octopus factory could become a reality is not far away. Watch and share Project 1882's video "from freedom to captivity".

Ban octopus farming

Octopus farming raises major ethical and environmental concerns and has drawn public backlash from around the world. Octopuses are animals with charismatic and curious personalities, complex behaviors and needs, and have been shown to be highly intelligent. They are excellent problem solvers and can use tools such as seashells to protect themselves from predators. Octopuses are solitary animals. A life in captivity with other octopuses can lead to aggression and cannibalism. Octopuses are sentient creatures and this industry would lead to enormous suffering.

We have a chance to be proactive and act before these types of animal factories are established. It is easier and more effective to stop a new industry than to try to ban it when facilities have already been built.

Project 1882, therefore, calls on the European Commission to ban the breeding of octopuses throughout the EU in order to stop the major suffering this industry would cause.



Ban octopus farming

The world's first commercial octopus factory is about to open in Gran Canaria, Spain. Octopuses are sentient creatures that would suffer in captivity. Help us get a ban on octopus factories across the EU by signing the petition!

Ban octopus farming

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Ban octopus farming!

- Moa Oja Lindblad

It is cruel and abusing the octopuses.

- Rebecca Thomas

There animals are sentient beings. We humans have a great power and as the ones with a great power comes a great responsibilty. Be Kind .

- Anna Hunt

No animal capitivity, thus cruelty for our pleasure!

- Patricia R

Stop this madness!

- Marank van Noordt

i love octopus and want them to stop harming them

- Greta Hoffmann

Leave these poor creatures alone to live and breed in peace in their natural habitat.

- Timothy Rochford

contact with octopi has shown me their ingeriousness, intelligence and curiosity. No doubt p ossible they are highly sentient.

- lc bridger

I work in animal protection and support everything I can!

- Sara Plinz