Project 1882
13 September 2023

Project 1882 praises Sweden’s mink farm decision: Finally!

The Swedish government has today announced how they view the future of mink farms. In a proposal for the new budget bill, the government parties propose that SEK 180 million be set aside for the dismantling of Swedish mink farms in 2024 and 2025. The government's press release also states that in parallel, work is being initiated to review the animal welfare legislation to investigate whether fur farming should be banned. Project 1882 is pleased and welcomes today's announcement.

– Finally! This announcement for minks is extremely longed for. It marks the beginning of the end for all fur farming in Sweden, says Benny Andersson, CEO of Project 1882.

In it’s budget motion, the government proposes to allocate a total of SEK 180 million in 2024 and 2025 to support the entrepreneurs who voluntarily discontinue their business of mink breeding for fur production. The aid is intended to be paid out to companies after the closure has been completed during the period. 

A controlled closure is something Project 1882 has repeatedly proposed. In the fall of 2021, Project 1882 published a report with similar proposals that the government is now publishing. 

Project 1882 has been actively working for the phasing out of fur farms for more than 50 years and recently collected around 100,000 names for a fur-free Europe, which was submitted last spring. The prospect of a possible ban at EU level, together with the fact that more than 20 EU member states have already taken a stand against fur farming, are cited as the reasons behind today's government announcement.

– This announcement is first and foremost good news for all minks, but not least for Project 1882's supporters who have been involved in this struggle for decades. Without their efforts and support, this would not have happened, concludes Benny Andersson.

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Anna Harenius

Anna Harenius